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Shrek The Musical

Based of the popular DreamWorks film Shrek the Musical opened production in 2008 and went on a year long run before going on a US tour in 2010. The musical takes a very similar path as the films do, the hero Shrek embarks on a journey after living in solitude in a smelly swamp. One day characters from all sorts of fairy tales we have grown to know and love start to show up in his swampy lands and he gets a bit annoyed by these unexpected guests. Shrek decides he is no longer impressed by the invasion of his land, and he fully intends on letting someone know about it. After the exiled characters explain that their arrival is the work of Lord Farquaad’s banishment of characters, Shrek decides to pay the lord a visit to get his land back. The story follows Shrek as he meets all kinds of friends and foes along the way and eventually must complete several challenging tasks to eventually win the love of a princess.

This musical is sure to entertain children of all ages as well as adults. It is the classic hero’s tale of courage and triumph mixed in with lovable characters and enchanting music. The characters will dance their way into the hearts of audiences everywhere so be sure to grab your tickets for the shows that will surely sell out. Shrek the Musical will be playing at the Rosemont Theatre November 25th through November 27th. Gold Coast Tickets has great seats for this event so be sure to grab your Shrek the Musical tickets today!


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